by Troy Dostert, All About Jazz

Four stars!

Always attuned to unusual choices that keep his listeners guessing, guitarist Eric Hofbauer knows no bounds when it comes to his repertoire. One is as likely to hear a Cyndi Lauper or Nirvana cover as something by Thelonious Monk or Charlie Parker. And his stylistic approach on the guitar is similarly idiosyncratic, with a gutbucket blues as likely to spill forth as something more spikily avant-garde. This unpredictable creativity is once again on display on Remains of Echoes, an enticing duo release with drummer Dylan Jack, that features Hofbauer’s prodigious technique and distinctive genre-crossing acumen. It’s also a highly personal album, in that both players are drawing from sources that shaped them deeply as musicians. The fact that the compositions encompass a wide swath of both the jazz tradition and the pop music world speaks volumes about the far-ranging origins of inspiration that have formed these artists.

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