INTERVIEW:Elsa Nilsson ‘Hindsight’ in Talking Flutes Extra

March 3, 2020Interviews, Press Reel

By Jean-Paul, Talking Flutes Extra The new female “Springsteen flutist?!” “I’m not interested in being put in a performance box.  We have to have a relationship with rhythm which is not just the melody…” In ‘Talking Flutes Extra’ this week Jean-Paul speaks with new York based Elsa Nilsson about her new album ‘Hindsight’ which is … Read More

INTERVIEW: Q&A With Singer/Writer Robin McKelle By Blues Gr

February 25, 2020Interviews, Press Reel

By  Michael Limnios, Blues GR “Musicians have the power and responsibility to educate, encourage change and inspire. With our words and out voice, we have an opportunity to make a difference. Music can make change and changes peoples ideas and mind. It’s so powerful.” Robin McKelle: The Lady & Her Music A savvy songwriter and … Read More

INTERVIEW: The 8-Bit Big Band / The Boston Globe

February 23, 2020Interviews, Press Reel

By Diti Kohli, The Boston Globe Love video games? Love jazz music? One widely acclaimed big band that combines the two is slated to stop by town next month. The 8-Bit Big Band plays tunes from popular video games like “Legend of Zelda” and “Super Mario Bros.” With 33 members and a handful of special … Read More

INTERVIEW: Ten Questions With Elsa Nilsson by Textura

February 14, 2020Interviews, Press Reel

By Ron Schepper, Textura TEN QUESTIONS WITH ELSA NILSSON Like many, Elsa Nilsson experienced a visceral reaction to the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, as well as to the many other disconcerting issues that arose in its wake. Rather than let herself be incapacitated by what she saw happening, the Gothenburg-born, New York … Read More

INTERVIEW: Robin McKelle In Soul and Jazz and Funk

January 28, 2020Interviews, Press Reel

By Bill B. Soul and Jazz and Funk Listeners to the more savvy soul and jazz stations over the Christmas period would have heard a new, gorgeous version of Joni Mitchell’s ‘The River’ from soul/jazz chanteuse ROBIN McKELLE. Not a Christmas song, per se, it does reference the festival and the sentiment, the sad tenderness … Read More

INTERVIEW: Matt Ulery on Point of Departure

December 9, 2019Interviews, Press Reel

By Troy Collins, Point of Departure Known for sweeping lyricism, expressive emotionalism, and unconventional structures, Chicago-based bassist, composer, and bandleader Matt Ulery has established a recognizable sound. Ulery’s music is informed by the entire spectrum of jazz, classical, rock, pop, and folk music from the Americas, the Balkans, and other European regions. For the past … Read More