REVIEW: Step Tempest Reviews Geof Bradfield’s “Yes, and…”

July 12, 2018Reviews

by Richard Kamins, Step Tempest  The past month has included the usual “stuff of life”, from convalescing partners to losing a favorite animal to sad deaths in the community to the long East Coast heat wave.  While I still have been listening to the piles of CDs and mp3s that clutter my desk/desktop, writing time … Read More

REVIEW: Russia’s Jazz Quad Reviews Jeff Siegel’s “London Live”

July 11, 2018Reviews

Leonid Auskern, Jazz Quad Новый, второй по счету, альбом квартета известного американского ударника Джеффа «Сиге» Сигеля выходит на Artist Recording Collective в сентябре 2018г. Первый их альбом, King Of Xhosa, с участием южноафриканского трубача Фейя Факу был издан в прошлом году и его обзор можно найти на наших страницах. На сей раз квартет Сигеля впервые … Read More

REVIEW: All About Jazz Reviews Adi Meyerson’s “Where We Stand”

July 9, 2018Features, Reviews

C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz There is something to be said, 60 years on, about the durability and staying power of the hard bop subgenre of jazz. The jazz subtype forged in the early 1950s by Art Blakey, Horace Silver, and Miles Daviscould still be considered “mainstream jazz” today considering bassist Adi Meyerson’s potent and swinging contribution … Read More

REVIEW: Geof Bradfield’s “Yes, and…Music for Nine Improvisers” Gets a 4.5 Star Review from All About Jazz

July 8, 2018Features, Reviews

Troy Dostert, All About Jazz Since the early 2000s, saxophonist and composer Geof Bradfield has been an integral part of the ever-fertile Chicago jazz scene, bringing his substantial talents to music that easily bridges the divide between the traditional and the avant-garde. His records have explored a remarkable range of styles and themes: from African Flowers (Origin Records, 2010), … Read More

REVIEW: Bass Player Reviews Adi Meyerson’s “Where We Stand”

July 7, 2018Features, Reviews

Jon D’Auria, Bass Player Listening to Sonny Rollins records as a teenager growing up in Israel may have inspired upright ace Adi Meyerson’s love affair with jazz, but her debut album proves that she’s come fully into her own. Meyerson’s compositions pay homage to her adopted hometown, New York, as she displays the knowledge she … Read More

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Modern Drummer Talks to Jonathan Barber about his Debut “Vision Ahead”

July 5, 2018Features, Interviews, Reviews

Ken Micallef, Modern Drummer Vision Ahead is not your typical young-gun-goes-for-the-jugular release. Thoughtful and expansive, informed by shimmering drumming and memorable compositions, it’s thoroughly modern in its jazz conception and attitude, and finds the twenty-eight-year-old Jonathan Barber surrounding himself with former classmates from the Hartt School in Connecticut performing his material on eight of the album’s twelve … Read More