Listed on Chris Philips’ ‘The Blueprint C’  – Geoffrey Keezer’s Playdate and Harish Raghavan’s In Tense – Page 12

Listed on Zela Margossian’s Guest Chart – Lucy Yeghiazaryan and Vanisha Gould’s In Her Words – Page 12

Listed on J-to-Z – Kevin Eubanks and Orrin Evans’ EEE (Eubanks-Evans-Experience) – Page 12

Feature of Jonathan Barber by Stuart Nicholson – Pages 16-17

Review of John Minnock’s Simplicity by Stuart Nicholson – Page 34

Review of Jonathan Barber’s Poetic by Mike Hobart – Page 34

Review of Bill O’Connell’s A Change Is Gonna Come by Peter Vacher – Pages 38-39

Review of Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Aymée Nuviola’s Live in Marciac by Brian Priestley – Page 40

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