Racha Fora, Club Bonafide, NYC, 11/15/15

October 22, 2015Event Announcement

Racha Fora Club Bonafide Sunday, November 15, 7:30 PM New York City “Let’s go!” is one of the many possible interpretations of Racha Fora, but the one most apropos to this ensemble might be “branch line”—in this case running from Brazil to Japan, a link older and deeper than you might imagine. Racha Fora’s sound … Read More

Matt Savage Trio + Quartet, Rockwood Music Hall, NYC, 11/14/15

October 20, 2015Event Announcement

Den Entertainment Presents: Matt Savage Trio + Quartet Saturday, November 14, 11:15 PM Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3 New York, NY “…a phenomenally talented pianist and composer who demands to be taken seriously on purely musical terms.” WALL STREET JOURNAL New York, NY- Den Entertainment Matt Savage Trio + Quartet on Saturday, November 14, at … Read More

BeBop Spoken Here Loves Racha Fora’s ‘Racha S’Miles’!

October 15, 2015Reviews

CD Review: Racha Fora – Racha S’miles By Lance Liddle, BeBop Spoken Here Described as Jazz improvisation over native Brazilian rhythms – a grooving hybrid music from Boston, Ma this sounded as if it might be a daunting prospect! Not so! This tribute to Miles Davis is quite delightful. The unusual combination of the flute/violin … Read More

Brooklyn Jazz Underground, Prospect Range, Brooklyn, NY, 11/6/15

October 10, 2015Event Announcement

The Brooklyn Jazz Underground Presents Live at the Prospect Range on Friday, November 6, at 7:30 PM at the Prospect Range, located at 1228 Prospect Ave in Brooklyn, New York. Tickets are $20.00 for adults, $10 for students and free for children. More information ca¬¬n be found online by visiting www.brooklynjazz.org and www.prospectrange.com. The Brooklyn … Read More

Racha Fora ‘Racha S’Miles’ Reviewed on Midwest Record

October 10, 2015Reviews

By Chris Spector, Midwest Record RACHA FORA/Racha S’miles: Music is the universal language? Jazz is the universal language? How about Miles is the universal language? A few years ago we had an Indian Miles Davis cross pollination that was pretty special. How about this time around we have a Brazilian interpretation of Miles by a … Read More

Josh Shpak’s ‘Astatic’ Reviewed by BeBop Spoken Here

October 7, 2015Reviews

CD Review: Josh Shpak Band – Astatic by Lance Liddle, BeBop Spoken Here I’m not sure that I’m the guy to review this. Josh states that, “I’ve found the main reason people of my generation [his] steer away from jazz is not that the music is too complex, too angular, too tense…it’s because the very … Read More