Hiromi Suda’s “Nagi” Receives a 3.5 Review from Downbeat

March 31, 2017Reviews

Allen Morrison, Downbeat Hiromi Suda’s muse straddles the worlds of Japenese folk and bossa nova. On her album Nagi (BluJazz; 46:26; 3.5) – the title means “calm” – she displays a sirene, quietly assured delivery. She couldn’t have hired a better co-producer than the gifted jazz flutist Anne Drummond. They assembled a superb band including … Read More

Liberte Big Band Returns to the Williamsburg Music Center 4/20

March 30, 2017Event Announcement

The Liberté Big Band at The Williamsburg Music Center April 20, 2017, 8pm   The Williamsburg Music Center is proud to present The Liberté Big Band on Thursday April 20. Though the 17-piece big band has had a residency at The WMC since June 2016, this performance continues the new will era of The Liberté Big Band. Although the band will be performing in Williamsburg, Liberté-Anne Lymberiou will be leading from a distance; … Read More

Jazz Quad Reviews Gianni Bianchinni’s Debut Album “Type I”

March 29, 2017Reviews

Leonid Auskern, Jazz Quad Тhe Great American Songbook, список классических американских стандартов, похоже, обладает волшебными свойствами. Какую страницу ни возьми – ноты одинаковые, но каждый в них заглянувший, интерпретирует по-своему. Пианист и педагог, уроженец Флориды италоамериканского происхождения Джанни Бьянчини своим дебютным альбомом Type I, записанным в Остине, Техас, также предложил свой, индивидуальный вариант прочтения целого … Read More

Jazz Quad Reviews Akua Dixon’s “Akua’s Dance”

March 29, 2017Reviews

Leonid Auskern, Jazz Quad Акуа Диксон (р.1948) начинала как виолончелистка в академической музыке, окончила Manhattan School of Music. Но в годы ее молодости Америка была не очень похожа на нынешнюю, симфонические оркестры не слишком приветствовали в своих рядах афроамериканских музыкантов. И Акуа начала искать альтернативу. Она много работала на Бродвее, сопровождала выступления Шарля Азнавура и … Read More

Cadence Magazine Reviews Matt Ulery’s “Festival”

March 26, 2017Reviews

Robert Rusch, Cadence Matt Ulery [b/tu] has produced a rather interesting release in, Loom/ Large. All the music [73:11] here was composed and arranged by Ulery with the exception of “The Peacocks”, an excellent arrangement of and take [8:38] on the Rowles’ standard. Ulery’s writing and arranging is multi-faceted and mixes a classical and jazz … Read More

Jazz Weekly Features Jeff “Siege” Siegel’s “King of Xhosa”

March 23, 2017Features

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly Jeff “Siege” Siegel uses his drums and percussion to team up with Erica Lindsay/ts, Francesca Tanksley/p, Rich Syracuse/b, Feya Faku/fh and Fred Berryhill/pec for a collection of originals that mix African exoticism and folk sounds with vintage modal jazz. Clicking tongues and tribal percussion bookend the remaining 11 songs, which … Read More

Jazz Weekly Features Rachel Therrien’s “Pensamiento”

March 23, 2017Features

by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly Rachel Therrien plays trumpet and composes most of the material here for a collection of Latin passions, dances and serenades. Along with 5, count ‘em, 5 percussionists, you get Ramon Berrocal/dr, Javier Pinto/b, Carlos Peralta/g, Holman Alvarez/p, Jacobo Velez/sax, Mauro Castillo/tb and Santiago Jimenez/tres sharing in creating a mood … Read More