REVIEW: Robin McKelle’s ALTERATIONS Reviewed by Making A Scene

February 18, 2020Press Reel, Reviews

by Jim Hynes, Making A Scene Alterations is jazz vocalist/composer Robin McKelle’s follow-up to her 2018 Melodic Canvas which we covered on these pages. While that was mostly an album of originals, McKelle chooses here to, as she says, “fuse jazz, soul, r&b, blues and rock while keeping continuity in the music.” These are mostly familiar songs from … Read More

ALL ABOUT JAZZ: Makar Kashitsyn’s ‘Jazz Animals’ Reviewed

February 16, 2020Press Reel, Reviews

By Troy Dostert, All About Jazz Straight outta St. Petersburg, Rainy Days Records has done a splendid job of documenting some of the strongest emerging voices in Russian jazz, starting with drummer Sasha Mashin‘s superb Outsidethebox in 2018. Mashin’s debut release belied his youth with an assured poise and dynamic vision, and here we have yet another wonderful … Read More

REVIEW: Jonah Francese’s Thinkin’ Big’s Reclamation Reviewed By Textura

February 14, 2020Press Reel, Reviews

By Ron Schepper, Textura Thinkin’ Big’s the name of the twenty-piece band from Chicago that performs Jonah Francese’s material on its sophomore album Reclamation. It could, however, apply equally well to the social issues addressed by individuals of varying ethnicities and gender identities on the nineteen-track project. Said topics arise forcefully in the form of … Read More

REVIEW: Elsa Nilsson Hindsight Reviewed by Textura

February 14, 2020Press Reel, Reviews

By Ron Schepper, Textura Protest music’s association with folk is easy to understand when song lyrics offer a direct conduit for social and political commentary. Yet one need look no further than John Coltrane’s “Alabama” to see that instrumental music can be protest music, too, and an equally compelling album-long argument supporting that contention is … Read More

INTERVIEW: Ten Questions With Elsa Nilsson by Textura

February 14, 2020Interviews, Press Reel

By Ron Schepper, Textura TEN QUESTIONS WITH ELSA NILSSON Like many, Elsa Nilsson experienced a visceral reaction to the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, as well as to the many other disconcerting issues that arose in its wake. Rather than let herself be incapacitated by what she saw happening, the Gothenburg-born, New York … Read More

REVIEW: Robin McKelle: Alterations / Soul and Jazz and Funk

February 14, 2020Press Reel, Reviews

By Bill Buckley, Soul and Jazz and Soul For her ninth album, ‘Alterations’, US soul and jazz chanteuse Robin Mckelle has chosen to do something very different to her previous recordings; she’s chosen to record a set of covers – though not just any covers. The song selection on ‘Alterations’ (with one exception) is drawn … Read More

JAZZIZ: Robin McKelle’s ALTERATIONS Featured in The Week in Jazz

February 14, 2020Features, Press Reel

By Matt Micucci, Jazziz Alterations finds vocalist Robin McKelle delving into the catalog of some of the most celebrated women of songs. The LP features interpretations of music written or associated with a diverse range of artists – including Amy Winehouse, Dolly Parton, Adele, Billie Holiday – through the lens of jazz, plus one original … Read More