Jazz Weekly Reviews Alex Wintz’s “Life Cycle”

June 29, 2017Reviews

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly Liquid toned guitarist Alex Wintz puts together a strong and swinging album on this recent release. With a rotating team of Jimmy McBride/dr and Lucas PIno/ts, Victor Gould/p, Ben Williams-Dave Baron/b, Wintz shows a talent for dynamics and clarity on bopping pieces like his own “Action/Reaction” and some nimble finger … Read More

The Baylor Project Featured in the Chicago Defender

June 27, 2017Features

 By Mary Datcher, The Chicago Defender’s Black Music Month Special Edition The Journey | The Baylor Project @thebaylorproject The sanctuary of music often lies in the cradle of the melody. The melody is the first note that can carry the rest of the orchestration, blending each instrument building structure and sealing the song with a strong … Read More