All About Jazz Reviews Ilhan Ersahin’s Istanbul Sessions: Istanbul Underground

June 30, 2016Press Reel, Reviews

by James Nadal, All About Jazz A secretive, renaissance saxophonist who travels in a multi-ethnic, trans-cultural dimension, Ilhan Ersahin embodies all aspects of the particular blend of cross-pollinated musical styles he produces. Started in 2002, his New York City club and record label Nublu, established his pioneering reputation, and he continues on a creative tear. … Read More

Travis Rogers Jr. Gives Glowing Review of Ilhan Ersahin’s Istanbul Sessions: ‘Istanbul Underground’

June 27, 2016Reviews

Ilhan Ersahin’s Istanbul Sessions Reveals the “Istanbul Underground” The music I have awaited all my life. by Travis Rogers Jr, The Jazz Owl, and  In this their third outing, Ilhan Ersahin’s Istanbul Sessions has continued to create a musical adventure that takes you where you never thought possible. “Istanbul Underground” (on Ersahin’s own Nublu … Read More

Argonauta Magazine reviews Ilhan Ersahin’s Istanbul Sessions ‘Istanbul Underground’

June 25, 2016Reviews

by Roberto Binda, Argonauta Magazine Crossing the bridge Ilhan Ersahin’s Istanbul Sessions / Istanbul Underground (Nublu Records) CD Distr. Audioglobe  Ilhan Ersahin è sicuramente uno dei personaggi più eccentrici della scena underground Newyorkese. Agitatore culturale con una personale etichetta discografica e un Club aperto nell’East Village a Manhattan che porta il nome di Nublu. Capace di … Read More

Liebman-Beirach Recording ‘Balladscapes’ reviewed on Classicalite

June 22, 2016Reviews

by Mike Greenblatt, Classicalite Just like sibling harmonies, the magic created by the tandem of Dave Liebman, 69, (soprano and tenor sax plus flute) and Richie Beirach, 68, (piano) has been nurtured, in this case, for almost half a century. They need no rhythm section. Their chemistry, their interplay, their almost preternatural ability to anticipate one … Read More

Brandee Younger on NPR: Jazz Night in America!

June 18, 2016Features

Courtesy of the artists jazz night in america: the radio program Return Of The Jazz Harp June 17, 2016• The harp may be one of the most ancient musical instruments, but it isn’t particularly prominent in jazz. Despite the mid-century emergence of innovatorsDorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane, the harp has remained on the fringe. But two … Read More

Fabrizio Sotti’s Forty Featured in the Summer Issue of Jazziz and on CD Sampler

June 14, 2016Reviews

Featured in the Summer 2016 Issue of Jazziz and ‘Forty’ featured on CD Sampler If Fabrizio Sotti‘s new trio album Forty (self-released), is any indication, the guitarist doesn’t appear to be overly angst-ridden about hitting the big “four-oh.” Rather, he plays with great joy and no small amount of confidence, indicating a comfort level with his artistry … Read More

Archaic Pop features Fabrizio Sotti’s ‘Forty’

June 13, 2016Features

from “Forty” – Incipit Records (2016, Italy) – Modern Jazz by Paul Medrano, Archaic Pop There is a serene urgency in this track Forty. As a necessary desire to explore again the sounds and possibilities of jazz but bringing this time the baggage of a life, the simplicity of the experience. Forty is the album’s … Read More

election year: a Work in progress. Part II: “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité’ comes to ShapeShifter Lab July 14

June 11, 2016Event Announcement

election year: a Work in progress. Part II: “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité’ Thursday, July 14, 7:15 PM ShapeShifter Lab, Brooklyn ShapeShifter Plus is proud to present election year: a Work in progress part II: “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité’ on Thursday, July 14 at 7:15 PM at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn, NY. election year: a Work in progress … Read More