The Baylor Project is Nominated for 2 Grammy Awards!

November 29, 2017Special Announcement

Husband & Wife Duo The Baylor Project Proudly Announce Grammy Nominations  Best Jazz Vocal Album for their debut album The Journey Best R&B Performance for their song Laugh And Move On The Baylor Project – Laugh and Move On Be A Light, the record label founded by Marcus and Jean Baylor, is proud to announce that The Journey, the debut album from visionary duo The Baylor … Read More

Textura Reviews MAE.SUN’s (Hailey Niswanger) “Vol. 1: Inter-be”

November 28, 2017Features, Reviews

Ron Schepper, Textura Though Vol. 1: Inter-be signifies a dramatic development in saxophonist Hailey Niswanger’s career, the new release doesn’t totally depart from the musical style of her earlier Confeddie (2009), The Keeper (2012), and PDX Soul (2015): elements of jazz, funk, and soul surface in the new set just as they do on the earlier ones. What is different, aside from the … Read More

Hailey Niswanger Talks to Textura About her Latest Release with MAE.SUN, “Vol. 1: Inter-be”

November 28, 2017Features, Reviews

Ron Schepper, Textura FIVE QUESTIONS WITH HAILEY NISWANGER Saxophonist Hailey Niswanger (pronounced ‘NICE-wonger’) wasted no time getting her career started: her self-produced and self-released debut album, Confeddie, came out in 2009 during her first year in the Jazz Performance program at Boston’s Berklee College of Music. The Houston-born and now Brooklyn-based wunderkind followed that auspicious debut three years … Read More

Bird is the Worm Features Rob Schneiderman’s “Tone Twister”

November 27, 2017Features, Reviews

Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm On a modern jazz landscape where the music can come off as alien to the sound of jazz in its heyday, this pleasant straight-ahead session from pianist Rob Schneiderman will ring familiar.  It benefits greatly from the contributions of trumpeter Brian Lynch, who increasingly becomes remindful of classic Donald Byrd and … Read More

Jazz Weekly Reviews Kristina Koller’s “Perception”

November 20, 2017Features, Reviews

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly Indie-voiced Kristina Koller mixes jazz and bohemia on this clever collection of originals and standards. She teams up with Fima Chupakhim/pkey, Chris Talio/b, Joe Spinelli/dr and some guests to demonstrate her wide range of moods. She is flexible with piano and bass on a Left Bank “Simplicity” and breezes to … Read More