REVIEW: Steven Feifke Big Band “Kinetic” – Best of Jazz

April 16, 2021Press Reel, Reviews

By Paul Medrano, Best of Jazz Kinetic is the debut album of Steven Feifke’s Big Band. Steven (born 1991) released his 1st album in 2015 (Peace In Time – self-produced), but he is mainly a prolific pianist, composer, arranger, orchestrator with an impressive discography: he appeared on 30 albums all before turning 30 years old. … Read More

REVIEW: Gustavo Cortiñas explores Latin American history, culture, and resilience on Desafío Candente – CHICAGO READER

April 14, 2021Press Reel, Reviews

By Catalina Maria Johnson, Chicago Reader The third release by Gustavo Cortiñas, Desafío Candente (“Incandescent Defiance”), is an epic set of jazz and spoken word inspired by Las Venas Abiertas de Latinoamérica(“The Open Veins of Latin America”), an iconic series of historical essays by Uruguayan author and poet Eduardo Galeano. Read more here.    

REVIEW: Michael Wolff ‘Live at Vitellos’ – London Jazz News

April 11, 2021Press Reel, Reviews

By Len Weinreich, London Jazz News Some sketched background: New Orleans-born, Los Angeles-resident Michael Wolff is a pianist affected by Tourette’s Syndrome: “a common neurodevelopmental disorder that begins in childhood or adolescence, characterized by multiple movement tics and at least one vocal tic” (grateful nod to Wikipedia). And Mark Isham (interview here from 2020), trumpeter … Read More

REVIEW: Steven Feifke Big Band “Kinetic” – All About Jazz

April 10, 2021Press Reel, Reviews

By Jack Bowers, All About Jazz Jazz connoisseurs who lean toward big bands that swing as earnestly and often as the renowned architects of the epic big-band era should find plenty to cheer about on Kinetic, the debut recording by New York-based pianist, composer and arranger Steven Feifke‘s audacious and fiery ensemble. Read more here.  … Read More