By: George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Vivian Press Pic

Vivian Sessoms has a honey toned soul feel not unlike early Aretha Franklin, and she displays it exceedingly well on this album that melds jazz, soul and modern R&B. She doesn’t even sing on all of the tracks, but she arranges everything, which includes a hip trio by Shedrick Mitchell/p, Chris Parks/b and Donald Edwards/dr on “In The Making” as well as some wordless voice with Parks on keyboards and programming on the pulsating “Eden”,  “Sa Ra” and the dreamy “Rememberance.”  Some Afro-soul is brought in with social rapping on “Fool Me Once” and Sessoms preaches with a gospel organ on a moving “I Can’t Breathe.” Vocal chants on the passionate ballad “As” and her hip VOX work on “One Thing Leads to Another” shows a wide range of thoughtful grooves and thought provoking lyrics.


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