By: Daniele Camerlengo, SUONO

A solitary and daring voice of mainstream jazz.  The noble and creative figure displays elegance and whirling voracity on this release.  Wallace Roney’s extraordinary musical career is further corroborated by his twenty-second recording effort: Blue Dawn – Blue Nights.  By his side is a band composed of the new generation of innovators. Saxophonist Emilio Modeste, pianist Oscar Williams II, bassist Paul Cuffari and Roney’s fifteen year old nephew Kojo Odu Roney on drums.  The ensemble also features two legends; guitarist Philly Quintin Zoto and drummer Lenny White. The album was engineered masterfully by Maureen Sickler in Rudy Van Gelder’s famous New Jersey studio. Roney’s trumpet speaks with a dynamic performance, stimulates intelligent creativity in his companions.  The group achieves improvisational mastery. The atmosphere created by the deep interplay demonstrates tonal and emotional nuances sure to capture the attention of those lucky enough to listen to these wonderful sounds.  


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