By: Daniele Camerlengo, SUONO

There are intimate moments in the depth of every human being, in those moments of solitude lie some moments of self-discovery, unveiling the points of beauty in all of us.  Those spaces of solitude are food for the creativity of Emma Frank. They represent the narrative thread of Come Back, the latest work released by the Justin Time Records label. Her soft and sinuous voice explore the themes of love, of lust, insecurity and all the emotional shadows that tie her inner experience to those of the listeners. The compositions highlight the dual role of vocalist and singer-songwriter: strong lyrics wrapped by the warm blossoms of her voice. These original songs highlight her understanding and musical bond with pianist Aaron Parks, with whom she has formed a mature musical bond. These compositions weave folk, jazz and even r & b and they generate an ultimately captivating dynamic. The album contains an Intriguing version of ‘Either Way’ by Wilco.  Finally, here is an original vision, a step forward for the creative world music.

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