By: Angel Romero, Progressive Rock Central

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Eitan Kenner is a multifaceted progressive music artist who brings various genres together into a tasty dish. His superb, genre-defying instrumental album 8Ball City incorporates complex Gentle Giant-style progressive rock, proficient jazz fusion, New Orleans roots music, world music, classical and electronic elements.

Eitan Kenner on piano, Rhodes, organ, synth; David Frazier Jr., Noam Israeli, and Diego Joaquin Ramirez on drums; Tamir Shmerling –on bass; Andrew Whitbeck on guitar, bass; Nitzan Bar on guitar; Clay Lyons, Jonathan Greenstein on saxophones; Wayne Tucker on trumpet; Tamer Pinarbasi –on qanun; and Jamey Haddad on percussion.

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