Matt Micucci, Jazziz

Natalie Cressman and Ian Faquini, “Lenga Lenga”

Setting Rays of Summer, out April 5, is the new duo project from trombonist and singer-songwriter Natalie Cressman, and Brazilian composer, guitarist and vocalist Ian Faquini. It draws inspiration from impressionism, jazz and the great Brazilian songwriting tradition. Cressman tells JAZZIZ that “Lenga Lenga” is one of her favorite songs from the album. It features lyrics by São Paulo-based lyricist Rogerio Santos and was written by Faquini after friend and pandeiro player Túlio Araújo jokingly dared him to write something in odd meter: “The result is this driving rhythmic cycle that transcends the 5/4 meter and creates an energetic base for Rogerio’s lyrics, which center around a Brazilian children’s game. Our arrangement for the duo came about very organically, as I found places to harmonize and emphasize the lightness and playful energy of the song.”

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