by Matt Micucci, Jazziz

Looking for some Monday motivation? We’ve got you covered! From musical celebrations of cultural diversity to lyrical contemplations on important and pressing issues of today’s world, here are five new songs that you can listen to right now. Start your week the right way.

Chiara Izzi and Kevin Hays, “Viaggio Elegiaco”

Across the Sea, released last Friday, is the new collaborative album from Italian singer-songwriter Chiara Izzi and American pianist-vocalist Kevin Hays, and it is a visionary journey between jazz and pop, America and Italy, dream and lyricism. Izzi wrote the Italian lyrics for “Viaggio Elegiaco” from the album in response to Hays’ composition “Elegia,” and she cites as inspiration the works of Catullus, the influential poet of the late Roman Republic. “The music and the title inspired me to write about the stages of grief, how a person loses hope after a loss, and how we can get over it and little by little transform someone’s physical absence into a spiritual presence, and a guidance in our lives,” the singer-songwriter explains.

Also included in This Week In Jazz.

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