Chris Spector, Midwest Record

SAMUEL POMPEO QUINTETO/Que Descaida: In which your mind really has to go to another time and place. Choro and jazz were born around the same time. Pompeo asks the question only he can answer here—what if the two genres were conjoined twins? Such a wild flight of Latin fancy, this set is a mind blower for anyone looking for real music by cats that want to really kick it out. A fascinating, engaging set, you have to have no pulse whatsoever not to enjoy this. Killer stuff genetically engineered to blow your mind completely.


LUPA SANTIAGO & ANDERS VESTERGARD QUARTET/Inside Turnabout: Swedish jazz with international chops and an early 70s ECM vibe running through it, this set isn’t
an homage or throwback, it’s just a bunch of pros have a good time and wanting to spread the good vibes. Loaded with a nice after hours feel, it might feel hipster but you don’t have to be a hipster to dig it. Check it out.

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