by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Named after the husband and wife team of vocalist Jean Baylor and drummer Marcus Baylor, TBP is a rotating collaboration that takes jazz and all of its roots tributaries on this thrilling musical journey. Hymns, spirituals, standards and originals all take a part  on this musical collection of sounds and styles, all showing various sides of the “soul” of music.

Church driven cadences with handclaps and preaching get Baylor testifying to the gospel beat on “Block Party” while Freddie Hendrix’s heartfelt trumpet is a lovely recitative with Sedrick Mitchell’s piano on “Tell Me A Story.” The band is “havin’ church”  with voice and chorus on the rousing “Laugh and Move “ while Jean is earthy in front of Marcus’ tender mallets and Bob Minter’s tender tenor on a soulful “Great is They Faithfulness.”  Standards with reflective stained glass windows shine as Keith Loftis brings his tenor sax on “Tenderly” and the team struts well on “Our Love is Here to Stay.” A read of “Afro Blue” starts off slowly, and then builds up to a modal cry by Loftis while some urban beat closes out the session on ”Journey.” A great guided tour, and this family does the right narration.

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