capa_ubuntu (2)Lupa Santiago: “Ubuntu”
by George Harris, Jazz Weekly

Brazilian guitarist/composer Lupa Santiago brings the spotlight to trombonist Ed Neumeister on his latest album of rich and flowing originals. The “4tet” of Santiago with Leandro Cabral/p, Alex Buck/dr and Bruno Migotto are peppy as they snap through a playful “Two For Eleven” and get bluesy on “Trails.” Cabral’s piano chimes with Santiago’s boppy guitar on “Enfim SUS” and the team gets funky with some deft string work by the leader on “Eco Sysem.” Guest ‘bone Neumeister sighs with Cabral’s ripples on “Probably Maybe” and is grooves on the easy glide during “Dauphine.” Sublime and alluring in its simple charms.

Jarret Cherner: “Expanding Heart”
by George Harris, Jazz Weekly

W139 expanding heartIt may not be the world’s oldest profession, but leading a piano trio has to be in the top ten for jazz artists.

Jarrett Cherner likes to open his songs in a solo format before letting the bandmates (Jore Roeder-Haggai Cohen-Milo/b and Jason Burger-Richie Barshay/dr) come in to finish up the ideas. He takes on a couple Ornette Coleman pieces, with some clever throbbing on bass and drum on “ What Reason Could I Give” while Cherner strides over a boogying “Turnaround.” The team gives a clever clippety clop on Otis Redding’s “I Got The Will” while the trio of self-penned “Meditations” are thoughtful, graceful and somber. Deep notes and deep thoughts.

Brandi Disterheft: “Blue Canvas”
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

A modern gal that knows how to kick it old school, Disterheft continues to impress us as much as she did Oscar Peterson with her ability to swing a bass with the alacrity of Charles Mingus—probably without all the anger as well. Mixing up the song list with the old and her new, jazzbos looking for a straight up piano trio groove fest will find this to be just what the doctor ordered. On point throughout, she continues to keep us looking forward to her next release for more good vibes. Hot stuff.


Leandro Cabral Trio: “Alfa”
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

lc3_alfa_coverA modern Brazil piano trio issuing their second album, this crew has paid the proper dues along the way making this seem almost expected. Keeping off the usual Brazil/jazz tangents, this almost leans more toward ECM/Windham Hill than you might expect, but with the proper Brazilian seasonings, there’s always something interesting in the wind here. Clearly a tasty taste treat, this is bouncy, fun jazz by a crew that doesn’t feel like this is work. Good times ahead for you to get grooving to.

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