Top 5 Jazz Songs – October 2016

by Paul Medrano, Archaic Pop

#3 – Matt Ulery’s Loom/Large “The Peacocks”

A precious world, out of time. This song (as well as the full album) reminds me of the universe at once baroque and futuristic of “Dune”, without tensions, only coated with sweetness. Magical.

(extract from ‘Festival’)

#5 – Stefan Aeby Trio “Knabautsch”

A little rhythm that catches your attention immediately, and becomes a playful and delightful little melodies – extremely addictive.

(extract from ‘To The Light’)

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#4 – Nicholas Payton “The Egyptian Second Line”

A Nicholas Payton as I love: groovy, simple but perfect, and most importantly, playing the trumpet to illuminate the last part of the track!

(extract from ‘The Egyptian Second Line’)

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#2 – DKV Trio The Thing “Cards”

Excellent demonstration that 1 + 1 can make up 3, when the magic happens. And the magic happens incredibly well between DKV Trio and The Thing – Breath-taking piece.

(extract from ‘Collider’)

The Thing DKV Trio

#1 – Orchestre National de Jazz “Ezuberanza 1”

The European tour of the ONJ is now in Rome. But ‘Esuberanza 1’ reminds me more of a perfectionist Zappa (and as always supported by an amazing rhythm section) pushing his musicians to perform an impossible ‘Black Page’ than an Italian exuberance – Surely because of the way they master this chaos. Bravo!

(extract from ‘Europa Rome’)

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