from “Forty” – Incipit Records (2016, Italy) – Modern Jazz
by Paul Medrano, Archaic Pop

There is a serene urgency in this track Forty. As a necessary desire to explore again the sounds and possibilities of jazz but bringing this time the baggage of a life, the simplicity of the experience.

Forty is the album’s title. Forty is also Fabrizio Sotti’s new age (well 41 this year – maybe that’s why the track lasts 4 minutes and 1 second?)

The sound is personal and the touch is unique. Fabrizio mentioned that this is just the surface of all the ways he wants to explore. It is very well done and we feel like it must be great to turn forty.

Fabrizio Sotti: guitar | Peter Slavov: bass | Francisco Mela: drum

Fabrizio Sotti

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