by Chris Spector, Midwest Record.

JONATHAN GREENSTEIN/Vol. 1: With the beat of New York flooding his middle eastern ears, saxman Greenstein takes jazz to today’s streets charting a course for listeners of tomorrow. Heady stuff that genre blends skillfully into a fine blend, the young and skronky will get the most out of this set. Here’s a vision we can appreciate.

BRANDEE YOUNGER/Wax & Wane: How are you going to fault a young jazz harpist that is so aware of her heritage that she actually covers Dorothy Ashby on this session. Having the gumption to pick up the phone and call in some of the best of today’s rising jazzbos, this set that goes forward into the past while going forward at the same time is a must hear for anyone looking for some real music that isn’t afraid to hit uncharted waters. With a non-stop groove that doesn’t need to knock your socks off propelling things nicely, this is the real deal throughout that has it all on the ball. Excellent!

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