Abigail Lumsden Presents
Imagine Your Heart’s Journeys
CD Release Show

Sunday, October 11, 7:30 PM
Leonard Nimoy Thalia
Peter Norton Symphony Space
New York City

She is at once a seriously accomplished, skilled craftswoman at the piano with flawless technique and amazing powers of concentration and also an extremely funny, witty, and engaging performer.
Katie Agresta, teacher of Bon Jovi, Joe Jackson, Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews, Annie Lenox

New York, NY- Abigail Lumsden presents Imagine Your Hearts Journeys CD Release Show on Sunday, October 11, at 7:30 PM at Leonard Nimoy Thalia at Peter Norton Symphony Space, located at 2537 Broadway at 95th Street, New York, NY 10025. Tickets are $25.00, $20.00 for students, seniors and members and $15 for children. More information can be found online by visiting www.symphonyspace.org or by calling (212) 864-5400.

Vocalist, pianist and violinist Abigail Lumsden, together with her husband and co-producer, pianist Les Horan, present a multi-facetted musical and visual happening in the release concert of their landmark double album “Imagine Your Heart’s Journeys”. Guided by Lumsden’s captivating vocals and Horan’s intricate harmonies, listeners are taken on a journey through the Great American Songbook (“Alice in Wonderland”), contemporary popular classics (“Imagine”), unique renditions of the classical repertoire (as demonstrated in the smart “Blue Chopin”), and a plethora of original compositions (such as the elaborate “Doorway” and upbeat “Clown”).
“Both Les and I felt a need to celebrate, document and pass on the results of our lifelong musical journey,” says Lumsden, “at this point we have reached a level musically and as performers that we are happy with. Our main joy would be to pass our music on to as many people as possible.” “Imagine Your Heart’s Journeys” serves as a benchmark for this musical coupling and rejoices in the melding of their diverse musical histories: she born from tradition and he primarily an improviser. “We’ve had a deep influence on each other,” says Lumsden, adding, “we’re so lucky to have met.” Says Horan of Lumsden: “It’s so rare to find a performer who’s able to feel so at home playing classical music and at the same time improvising comfortably in her own unique, rhythmic style … she can swing like the best of them. Her vocals transport the listener into her own jazzy world. Whatever she plays or sings Abigail sounds authentic and inviting. Her audiences leave her shows feeling like they’ve just had a warm, musical hug.”

The duo, accompanied by musicians such as Daniel Glass, Steve Doyle, Abou Diarrassouba and Heidi Siegell among others, is known for their electric performances that brim with energy. As described by Riverside Symphony Orchestra conductor George Rothman, “I’ve never seen an audience so taken… a terrific performance.” The presentation at Symphony Space will also show the short film “Heart’s Journeys, a Day in the Life” by Fifer Garbesi and Sina Madeon.

Born with perfect pitch, Abigail Lumsden started playing piano and
singing at age 3. She spent her early years studying serious classical music on piano, singing in choirs, and playing violin and viola in all her school orchestras. She is a cum laude graduate from two Dutch Conservatoria in classical piano and choral conducting.

Abigail, together with Monika Schmidt, conceptualized the interactive, one-woman concert show, “Heart’s Journeys” in Holland back in 1999. After moving to New York City in 2004 Abigail continued performing together with her husband, Les Horan, in Holland, New Mexico and all over New York City in some of the city’s most esteemed venues, including Birdland, Bitter End and Symphony Space. Abigail has worked as musical director and conductor for several choirs in Holland, as well as “Peace of Heart Choir”, NYC and the Sephardic Jewish Community Center, Brooklyn. She also continues to work in her Upper West Side studio, together with Les Horan, teaching piano, voice, violin, composing and arranging.

Les Horan is an accomplished performer, music teacher and writer with degrees in music, psychology and education from Manhattan School of Music and City University of New York. He has taught thousands of people to play and enjoy making music. He is the author of a series of successful piano books, including “Instant Piano”, and “Instant Blues”, published by St. Martin’s Press. His self-published method books include ”Play Your Favorite Songs”, “Music Theory Demystified”, “Canon Hanon” and “Learning to Read”.

Les Horan, together with co author Judy Gitenstein, is currently completing his memoir, “My Holocaust: Memories of a Young Child who Survived.”

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