By Ron Schepper, Textura

Whereas Without Deception continues Barron’s long-standing association with the classic trio format, The reMission presents Andy Milne’s first engagement. Not that you’d know it from the result: the fifty-minute recording plays like the work of musicians with years of trio experience under their belts, even if that’s not the case. The album title’s a play on words, remission referring both to Milne’s recovery from the cancer diagnosis he received in 2017 and a declaration of purpose reflecting his decision to take on the trio challenge. The move’s a particularly interesting one, seeing as how it reverses the typical route: rather than advancing from the trio to a larger ensemble, the pianist’s followed 2019’s The Seasons of Being by his Dapp Theory outfit to the Unison trio featured here. Coupling eight Milne originals with covers of McCoy Tyner and Benny Golson, the album augments the leader with bassist John Hébert and drummer Clarence Penn, the result a powerful example of trio interplay and harmonic sophistication. Read the full review here.

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