George Harris, Jazz Weekly

Vocalist Sarah Thorpe mixes her originals with some clever covers with a team of Oliver Hutman/p, Darryl Hall/b, John Betsch/dr and a muscular horn section of TK Blue/woodwinds, Josiah Woodsen/tp and Ronal Baker/tp. Her deliveries range from a passionate and vulnerable duet with Hutman on Horace Silver’s “Lonely Woman” to big sounding takes of Wayne Shorter’s “Infant Eyes” and a bohemian read of Randy Weston’s “Pretty Strange.” Woodsen’s horn on the Herbie Hancocky sounding “ Sweet Love Serenade” is a treat, with Thorpe sounding sensuous on her own “Urban Nostalgia”. Her own lyrics are clever and world wise. She has a lot to say, and sings it well.

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