By Under The Radar Staff, WGBH

If you’re a regular listener, you already know that at the beginning of 2020, Under the Radar debuted brand new music. After almost 10 years of the same theme, we wanted to ring in the next decade with a fresh sound.

We spent months searching and carefully curating playlists to pick the perfect song and finally landed on “Fish and Chips” by Grace Kelly and Leo P., which we felt perfectly encapsulated the essence of the show. Now we’re huge fans of Grace and Leo, and we want all of you to get to know them as well.


Grace Kelly — award-winning alto saxophonist, singer and songwriter originally from Brookline, Mass., and a graduate of Boston’s Berklee College of Music

Leo Pellegrino — known as Leo P., baritone saxophonist, originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He’s a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music and a member of the band Too Many Zooz.

Together, Grace and Leo make up the collaboration “We Are 2 Saxy.”

Watch Grace and Leo perform UTR’s new song, “Fish and Chips.”

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