By Stephen Mosher, BWW

It’s The Most Wonderful Time In The Year. Right? Not Christmas — Valentine’s Day. Ok, so not everyone feels that way. There are a lot of people who don’t like Valentine’s Day. Maybe they resent the holiday because they are single, or it’s such a drain on the wallet, or maybe they are one of those people who just don’t like holidays of any kind (they’re out there, trust me). Or maybe the people who don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day are those who don’t need a special day to celebrate love (hello!). Still, a lot of people love when February 14th rolls around and look forward to the planning, the dressing up, the going out and acting all lovey-dovey with their sweetie (to say nothing of scoring all those discount choccies at the Duane Reade on the 15th)! The big question, though, remains the same, year in and year out: baby, what are we going to do for Valentine’s Day this year?

For those VD participants who happen to enjoy the inside of a cabaret room, I have compiled a shortlist of the shows that can be found in New York City on February 14, 2020 – a list of shows for the different groups of people who will be venturing out into the world of love and lovebirds, throwing themselves into the holiday of hearts.

Have fun!


Anthony Nunziata, Feinstein’s/54 Below 7 pm. The show is called AMORE: THE GREATEST LOVE SONGS and Mr. Nunziata is valued by many as one of the most romantic singers crooning in concerts and cabarets today. With a creamy, dreamy, emotion-laden voice and style, Mr. Nunziata’s shows are always replete with a range of music that audiences know, and tunes they will want to learn so that they can sing along next time. The handsome leading man type has created this new show especially for Valentine’s Day, the same day that his new cd, appropriately titled THE LOVE ALBUM, is being released. To celebrate all things romantic and Valentine’s themed, Nunziata will be performing AMORE: THE GREATEST LOVE SONGS on the 14th and the 15th at 7 pm… and Anthony Nunziata with some champagne and strawberries sounds like the perfect outing for the most romantic day of the year, so book tickets for Valentine’s Day by visiting the 54 Below website


Carole J. Bufford, Birdland 7 pm and 9:45 pm. Ms. Bufford’s eponymous show will play Birdland for four performances on Valentine’s Day weekend, the first two being on the fourteenth, and guests at her show are in for a real treat. This lady is a true original, though she has been compared to Sophie Tucker and Barbra Streisand, and if that isn’t great enough rapt appraisal, then take it from this writer who fell after only one song in a group show, and who has been singing her praises since. Carole J. Bufford is that rare find, the “one and only” who delights with oh-so-original vocal stylings, a discernable intelligence that comes out in all her dialogue, a spritely sense of humor that lets everyone in the audience know that they are in on the joke with her, and a voice that is, authentically, one of the most individual voices on the scene today. A Valentine’s Day show with Carole J. Bufford will be a great way to share some sexy, silly, sensuous, sophisticated time with your sweetheart, preferably with a smooth as silk scotch. Reserve your seats to this elegant and sassy night at the Birdland website


The Drinkwater Brothers, Don’t Tell Mama 7 pm. Identical twins John and Matthew have taken the cabaret world of New York by storm during the last year and they are presenting their club act on Valentine’s Day with a few romantic additions to honor the occasion. With mad skills as vocalists, the multiple instrument playing brothers sing everything from Broadway to rock and roll, taking turns on solos and doubling up with tight harmonies on their duets. Every show that Matt and John do is comfortable, casual, and carefree as these charmers open up to audiences who leave the club smitten and looking for the next show that the Drinkwaters will be doing. Their homespun style and affable air have played several nightclubs around NYC but they are particularly well-suited to the intimacy of Don’t Tell Mama, so whether you are cuddling up with your honey over a glass of Merlot of having a beer with your fellow single BFF, these bros are a great way to get out of the house on V-Day and enjoy a chill time out on the town. Get tickets to get down with the twins by visiting the Don’t Tell Mama website


Lea DeLaria, Joe’s Pub 9:30 pm. The popular SAG award-winning actor got her start in stand-up comedy and her Valentine’s Day show at Joe’s Pub last year was so popular that she is bringing one to the venerated venue again this year. The show is a combination of comedy and music (DeLaria is a renowned jazz vocalist) featuring special guests Adina Verson, Emily Tarver & Vicci Martinez, The Village Voices and a very special surprise guest. Long known for her biting wit and astute storytelling, Lea DeLaria puts on a show that is just what the doctor ordered for all those people who actually DON’T think much of Valentine’s Day — hence the name of the show: F*CK LOVE. Get the message and get a Martini at Lea DeLariaF*ck Love at the Joe’s Pub website


Le Scandal, The Laurie BeechmanTheatre 7 pm. It’s been 15 years since Miss Bonnie Dunn introduced Le Scandal to New York City and the fun has never waned. The popular award-winning burlesque show has been in residency at The Laurie Beechman Theatre for a while and can be seen every Saturday night, but there is a special performance for Valentine’s Day couples who are leaning less toward the romantic and more toward the erotic. Le Scandal has included many varieties of acts, including live music, circus performers and, always, the beautiful Le Scandal burlesque dancers. The New York Times critic’s pick is sure to whet your appetite (and so will the sexy Beechman Theatre servers) and since the show is at 7 pm, it will just be the beginning of an adventurous, creative, and satisfying Valentine’s weekend. So order up a Cognac and two seats to Le Scandal by visiting The Laurie Beechman website

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