By Mike Greenblatt, The Aquarian Weekly

Darren Barrett’s 11th album, The EVI Sessions:  Mr. Steiner (dB Studios), is a tribute of sorts to Nyle Steiner who, in the nineteen-sixties, invented the EVI (electronic valve instrument) and the EWI (electronic wind instrument), popularized by sax man Michael Brecker in the nineteen-seventies and in the soundtracks of two of 1979’s biggest films, Apocalypse Now and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. A glittering array of polyphonic capabilities are present here (both the EVI and EWI can play two or more notes at the same time) and, with the help of guest stars like Kenny Garrett (soprano sax), Noah Preminger (tenor sax), and Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitar), Barrett—who plays trumpet, piccolo trumpet, keyboards, and EVI—has written and arranged a fastidious pastiche of synthesized squiggles, enough to satisfy fans of jam bands, the avant-garde, instrumental funk, modern jazz, and alternative/progressive rock.

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