by George Harris, Jazz Weekly

Vintage bopping sounds are served up by the team of Darrian Douglas/dr, Andrew McGowan/p, Jasen Weaver/b and Steve Lands/tp on this collection of team composed originals that sound like they came from the secret desk drawer of Horace Silver. Lands’ horn is clean on the snappy “Monk Dancing On The Levee” and Kenny Dorham-stately on the warm waltz of “Price of A Dream.” Some interesting synth sounds are produced by Weaver on the soulful “Kolmas Linja” while the team struts with style on “This Blues.” Douglas’s sticks snap to “Five Fingers of Death” and Weaver’s bass lays down a thick line on the hip hopping “Kelly Ann Conartist.” Politics aside, these guys appeal to the red and blue state of listening pleasure.

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