FEATURE: Hot House Features Emma Frank Ahead of her Brooklyn Release Show!

August 29, 2019Features, Press Reel

Addie Vogt, Hot House

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones and Wilco, Emma Frank’s music is both evocative and healing, incorporating a unique blend of folk and pop with strong roots in jazz. Originally from Boston, Emma studied literature at McGill University in Toronto, meanwhile playing with jazz musicians in the city and writing her own music. “I had this fear that because I didn’t go to a conservatory, I would never be taken seriously,” she says. “When I was in Montreal, I think I maybe approached my writing with a little bit of something to prove. Now, I’m a bit more focused on feeling grounded when I write.”

Emma’s unique sound has matured throughout her recording career; her musicmaking is driven not by ego but by a desire to follow her instincts and find new sounds. “The last two records, Ocean Av and Come Back, I’ve just been so much more thorough, in the workshopping and development of the songs, and in the actual recording. We’re just giving ourselves enough time to do the work well, and to allow ourselves to soften a bit in the studio.”

Emma presents music from her upcoming album, Come Back, at the Knitting Factory Sept. 6, with bassist Desmond White, keyboardist Dominic Mekky, guitarist Franky Rousseau and drummer Pedro Barquinha.

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

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