George Harris, Jazz Weekly

Pianist and composer Skip Wilkins mixes rich Eastern European themes with modern swing as he features tenor saxist Daniel Wilkins in a bopping band with Miroslav Hioucal/tp-fh, Tomas Baros/b and Marek Urbanek/dr. The front line of horns is bright and crisp as on snappy pieces like the crackling “The Box-Checkers” and hip “Wise One.” Wilkins and the rhythm team deliver a first class bogie blues shuffle for “Reptiles” with the leader oozing romance with the breathy tenor sax on the sfot “Czech Wishes” and the lovely duet of “Don’t Forget Me.” Lovely warm breezes on the tenor float for “ In Search of Greener Grass” and the horns puff out nimbus clouds on the easy swinger “Munchkins of Karlovy Vary.” Easy on the ears and inviting for the tapping toes. This Czech bounces well.

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