Dave Rogers, WTJU

Tenor and soprano saxophonist Michael Eaton offers this session with other voices in the “dialogical” which is defined as  “thinking that involves a dialogue or extended exchange between different points of view or frames of reference”. (http://www.criticalthinking.org/pages/glossary-of-critical-thinking-terms/496). These performances are fascinating and often delightful. Eaton’s quartet features Brad Whiteley (piano), Daniel Ori (bass) and Shareef Taher (drums) interacting with a series of guests, including Lionel Loueke (guitar), Brittany Amjou (vibes), Cheryl Pyle (flute), Enrique Haneine (udu), James Brandon Lewis and Sean Sonderegger (tenor sax), Jon Crowley (trumpet), Dorian Wallace (piano) and Sarah Mulline (marimba, triangles). The performances range from straight ahead to reaching for the outside boundaries, but this melange typically stays well within accessible melodic ranges. Captivating. Click here to listen to the songs on this release.

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