by Stephanie Jones, Hot House

Layered performances featuring original compositions, percussive explorations and invitational dance breaks are part of singer-composer Sivan Arbel’s mission to challenge preconceptions and unite a community of artists and listeners. Her lyrics, both in Hebrew and in English, often reflect glimpses into the human condition, and she navigates odd meter sections and compositions with an internal pulse that bends and bows with human elasticity. In live performance as well as on recordings, Sivan seems to reach the music’s climactic moment with natural awareness and sophisticated pacing. Her 2019 release Change of Light brings together her long-running septet with string quartet members Meitar Forkosh, Audrey Hayes, Yumi Oshima and Terrence Thornhill. Sivan’s release performance features Ori Jacobson, Jack Sheehan, Ron Warburg, Nick Hetko, Sam Weber and Evan Hyde.

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