by Kevin Johnson, No Treble

Saxophonist David Liebman hit it big when he joined Miles Davis in 1972 for the recording of the album On The Corner, subsequently gigging with the jazz legend during his rich electric period that left a lasting impression on music as a whole.

“‘On The Corner’ has been sampled, copied, discussed and adapted by several generations of musicians, most not even alive when the music was created,” says Liebman.

Now, 47 years after the album’s recording, Liebman has gathered an incredible band to pay homage to the album. On The Corner Live: The Music Of Miles Davis features fellow saxophonist Jeff Coffin as well as guitarist James DaSilva, keyboardist Chris Walters, drummer Chester Thompson, and bass hero Victor Wooten. Together, they capture the magic and space of Davis’s music from On The Corner as well as songs from Live Evil and In A Silent Way.

“The songs chosen are not all from the original recording, but overall the material I chose represents a look at the electric period of Miles Davis which certainly changed the course of pop music and jazz forever,” Liebman explains.

We all know Wooten for his amazing extended techniques and amazing feats, but On The Corner Live is proof that even if you strip away all of that, he is still be one of the most incredible players in the world. His sensitivity to the groove and innate sense in following the soloists helps to create the air that made this music special in the first place. There is still a special “Bass Interlude” where Vic throws down an amazing two-minute solo.

Jeff Coffin helped to sum up the feeling of the evening, saying “I think we all felt that we had a very special group of artists together and everyone played at the highest level. Listening, reacting, weaving, laying out, jumping in, approaching things from different musical and spiritual angles, communication at the highest level of intention. It was beautiful! The audience was incredible and so supportive of this far out music we were making and I was proud of Music City for being there for us. It meant a lot to all of us.”

On The Corner Live: The Music of Miles Davis is available now on CD and as a digital download (iTunesAmazon MP3 and CDBaby).

On The Corner Live: The Music of Miles Davis Track List:

  1. Lieb Talks About Miles
  2. In a Silent Way
  3. On The Corner
  4. Wili (For Dave)
  5. Bass Interlude
  6. Black Satin
  7. Selim
  8. Guitar Interlude
  9. Ife
  10. Drum Interlude
  11. Mojo
  12. Jean Pierre

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