Kerilie McDowall, Downbeat

LA-based drummer, composer and producer Anthony Fung, 25, is an emerging bandleader worth noting. His polished, solid drumming drives Flashpoint, Fung’s sophomore album, on eight original compositions over nine tracks amid colorful, sharp and creative arrangements. A catchy, pulsating Panamanian tambor norte rhythm with well-crafted horn melodies enhances the super-hero themed opener “The Flash”. The mesmerizing “Ilekun” features a soaring solo from alto saxophonist Josh Johnson, and Alex Hahn’s arrangement of “A Call For Peace (For Puerto Rico)” convokes strings with a modern-jazz ensemble behind his fiery soprano saxophone. And powerful pianist Isaac Wilson is well-paired with Fung’s exceptional drumming on the majestic, uptempo “Walk the Walk”. The collective interprets with clarity and thoughtful musicality, and Fung’s motifs tease, resolving through strong melodic statements rife with bewitching, hypnotic rhythms. With musical maturity beyond his years, Fung seems on the verge of something significant on Flashpoint.

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