Jonathan Mover, Drumhead Magazine

Canadian Drummer Anthony Fung is proud to establish himself as a composer, producer and bandleader on his sophomore album FlashpointIn contrast to his debut album Chronicles, Fung takes credit for the composition, arrangement and production of all eight tracks on Flashpoint. Having honed his craft under the tutelage of Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Chris Potter and Billy Childs​, Fung now sets out on a new course to establish himself as more than a jazz drummer – he is excited to set the focus of this project to his new path as a composer, producer and bandleader. Although Flashpoint serves as a showcase for the fresh perspective Fung takes with this music, the compositional process for each of these tracks pays homage to his former tutors. Recalling the writing approach of these mentors, the inspiration for each of Fung’s tunes has been derived from an array of various mediums.

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