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Bassist and composer Matt Ulery has released a new album called Sifting Starsthat expands his musical palette to include orchestral art songs. The music includes lush string arrangements plus a five-movement piece for brass quintet inspired by the Ivan Albright painting “Into the World There Came a Soul Called Ida.” Ulery admits the ambitious record is a step away from his jazz background.

“This music and lyrics is concerned with fantasy and redemption, and I exploited every opportunity to coax the most lush and expressive motion,” he explains. “While this collection of music is perhaps stylistically furthest away from my jazz informed roots than in previous work, with this classical instrumentation and atmosphere, brimming with romantic gestures, and it’s mostly through-composed nature, I feel that much of the harmonic and rhythmic palettes still reflects my relationship with jazz and new music through a certain rhythmic aesthetic, emotional intent, and vibe.”

Get a taste of the album with the gorgeous opening track, “The Remanent of Everything”:

Sifting Stars is available now as a digital download through iTunes and Amazon MP3. Physical copies on CD and vinyl can be ordered this his website.

Sifting Stars Track List:

  1. The Remanent of Everything
  2. Pictures in Grey
  3. I’m So Shallow
  4. The Prairie is a Rolling Ocean
  5. IDA: Into The World There Came a Soul / Vanity Fare
  6. IDA: The Fleeting Nature of Time and Beauty
  7. IDA: I Give My Back To The Dark
  8. IDA: Wicker Party
  9. IDA: The Passage of Time Can Be Relentless and Unforgiving
  10. IDA: I Have Such a Clown Face

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