George Harris, Jazz Weekly

Geof Bradfield as a strong and muscular tone to his reeds, walking the Coltrane-Rollins tightrope on this satisfyling album with Anna Webber/fl-ts, Greg Ward/as, Russ Johnson-Marquis Hill/tp-fh, Joel Adams/tb, Scott Hesse/g, Clark Sommers/b and Dana Hall/dr, as the artists come and go to create different combinations on these originals. While the title implies an abundance of spontaneity, there is also plenty of planning and arrangements to keep the explorations within a strong context. Bold colors are stoked on the boppy “Impossible Charms and thick textures are coaxed along by the crispy rhythm on “In Flux” The team undulates on the stately “Impossible Charms” with Bradfield’s bass clarinet veering through the percussion. There are a handful of intimate meetings as well, with soft saxes on “Chaconne,” elegiac brass for “Chorale” and personal conversations during “Ostinato.” Palpable textures.

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