Chris Spector, Midwest Record


A young lion drummer that has a passing acquaintance with late 60s Miles shows he knows his stuff and isn’t afraid to wear his influences on his sleeve. A solid set for those who would have loved to have more of these Miles explorations, this is an extension, not an homage. Cerebral jazz for non-eggheads, this set has a lot on the ball.


A well traveled drummer that shows he knows how to call the shots from the back of the riser delivers a debut that has an unabashedly old school feeling with more than a passing homage to the sound and fury of the greats of the past. Feeling very much like a lost set from the 50s, giving props to Ellington, Heath, Brown and Phineas Newborn really drives home his respect for the past. A solid set for the modern hipster that wants to feel authentic and is ready to leave his poseur roots behind, this set of killer stuff is a real wake up call. Of course, real jazzbos can dig it as well. Hot stuff.

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