Mike Greenblatt, Goldmine Magazine

Joanne Wallfisch is something special. You can tell it by just looking at the cover of her fourth CD Blood & Bone. She released it herself, produced, arranged and wrote all 14 songs, sings ‘em all in a wounded voice of experience, and plays ukulele, flute, piano and Wurlitzer organ. Her arrangements are, in a word, spectacular, what with a sound collage of bass, drums, guitar, banjo, trumpet, flugelhorn and The Solar String Quartet. Still, it’s her compositional prowess that should have you oohing and ahhing. This is a woman who bicycled from Oregon to California with her trusty ukulele and loop pedals on a tour of her own making, stunning crowds with her oh-so-personal Joni Mitchell-inspired confessionals that truly get down to Blood & Bone, be it “I’m A Traveler,” “The Truth,” “The Shadow Of Your Ghost” or her masterpiece, “Choices.” You owe it to yourself to hear an artist of her caliber.

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