Leonid Auskern, Jazz Quad

While the most important soloist in Javitch’s ensemble is certainly Perry, the leader himself [Javitch] performs many bright solos. I would especially like to mention the work of the rhythm section.  In addition to Adrian and Matt’s supportive roles, Javitch provided them with the opportunity to actively interact and improvise. Particularly memorable is the long dialogue of bass and drums in “Parallel Modalities for Parallel Realities”.   Moring also appeared to be a worthy and important partner to Javitch’s piano playing in the tune “Honin Myo: For Sasha”.  The last song in the album in my opinion, has a prophetic title: “Level Up!” (“Increase the level!”). If Sam Javich and his colleagues, who show excellent mastery of the language of modern, mainstream jazz on this record, continue to raise their level of creativity, we will hear their names more often in the future.”

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