NPO TRIO/Live at the Stone:  Three diverse jazz pals bring the jazz to Yiddish melodies, and this ain’t noblemen set.  Progressive jazz by those with the cops to make it more than noodling, this is classic Sunday afternoon recital music taken toothiest level of the game.  Wild stuff for those looking for a new experience.
MEG OKURA/Ima Ima:  Talk about an over achiever, a Japanese woman converts to Judaism.  Knowing some of the top names in New York jazz circles and getting them to lend a hand (of course), this spirited, cinematic sized recordingopens the ears as well as the eyes to a great musical vista that seems as limitless as it’s potential.  With the feel of a classical into jazz recording, but not really, this golden set of top shelf instrumental music will easily become a fave of yours.  Well done.  (To show her dedication to her new beliefs, this set even opens backwards—it’s not you).

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