by Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation

Jean Baylor and Marcus Baylor – THE BAYLOR PROJECT (THE JOURNEY): Ain’t NUTHIN’ but a party… the lead-in opening track, “Block Party“, most definitely reminds me of black churches I’d been to (way, WAY back in the day), but in only 4 bars, it morphs joyfully into one of the coolest celebrations of life & the living thereof you’ll ever listen to! Marcus’s drums drive the 7:53 track to new heights of soulfulness, with Jean’s high-energy vocals propelling you into the soul-o-sphere; just a FINE tune – it certainly doesn’t hurt that they have some of the best players they could have picked joining them – Piano/Keys performed by Charles Lundy; Guitars from Scott Booker and Electric Bass by Jay Rosado all fuel the fire, and this song KICKZ it, folks! For something a bit more laid-back, but still full of their inner essence, you will totally enjoy “Tenderly“… sweet, SWEET vocal on this one! Both Jean & Marcus come from backgrounds as “P.K.” (preacher’s kids), something I can definitely relate to, and nowhere is that experience better reflected than on my personal favorite of the eleven exciting tunes offered up, their rendition of “Afro Blue (Dream)“… this is the longest track on the CD, clocking in at nearly nine minutes (8:58, to be precise)… after a beautiful vocal intro, at about 2:25, the group lets is SOAR… perfect jazz! I give Jean, Marcus & their musical friends a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this wonderful jazz experience! Get more information about them on the CD Baby page for the album. (& tell them you read about them here, of course)!

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