by Woody Wilson, The Jazz Writer

International flavor is what Sivan Arbel brings to listeners with Broken Lines (2016). The Israeli born songwriter and vocalist says the music is inspired by people and experiences she has encountered.

Performing with Arbel are Shai Portugaly, piano; Nadav Shapira, bass; Yogev Gabay, drums; Ron Warburg, trumpet; Jack Sheehan, alto saxophone; and Ori Jacobson, tenor saxophone. The vocal trio of Caleb Mason, Seth Weaver and Ben Tiberio join on the title song.

Arbel seamlessly weaves lyrics, chants, scats and instrumental breaks into a colorful tapestry of sound. Highlights are the opening track, “Over Sensitivity,” the improv special “Analysis” and the cover of Miles Davis’ “Blue in Green.” Her scatting ability could easily have been borrowed from the textbook of Ella Fitzgerald.

For their part, the musicians are rock solid, whether accompanying the vocalist, backing up the soloists or stretching out in their own lead passages.

Arbel studied in Dublin, Ireland, before moving to New York City in 2014. A renowned vocalist in her native country, Arbel was headliner at the Israeli Independence Day celebration in Venezuela in 2012. She represented Dublin’s Newpark Music Centre in Cape Town, South Africa, at the prestigious International Association of Schools of Jazz conference.

Broken Lines offers a promise of more exciting and unique sounds to come.

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