by George Harris, Jazz Weekly

Trumpeter and composer Chris Klaxton mixes jazz sensibilities with indie rock impulses on this recent album with Taylor O’Donnell/voc, Mark Small/ts, Kendall Moore/tb, Tim Jago/g, Mike Effenberger/key, Michael Piolet/dr and Sam Weber/b. You get some vintage jazz bopping on ‘Wampus with some nice bluesy horns and Weber’s bass line, while Klaxton’s horn mourns with bass and drums on “She Loved A Good Story. Small’s horn is soft as it glides to Piolet’s brushes on “Don’t All Go At Once” and long tones meet with a bowed bass on the melancholy “Touch and Go.” Some indie folk pops up on the dreamy “Love Gone Wild” and some guitar effects and electronic are found on “Fictional Friends Remix.” A bit pulling in two directions makes for interesting moments here, with Weber’s flexible bass keeping a lot of this together.

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