by Daniele Camerlengo, Suono

Rough Translation:


The future is in their gestures and intentions of who knows how to listen. It fills the lungs, stimulates the audacity compositional and driving dynamics creative along an unknown path to many but that leads to a destination of sublime pleasure.

The invigorating debut synthesizes a wisdom and a brilliance that make Josh Shpak predestined. Astatic, produced by Interrobang Records of Boston, is his debut EP and he has put together a collective of young talents who have been able to integrate their musical visions to realize a powerful, full sound that lives in the beauty of the changing tomorrow.  The rhythmic buildings of Aaron Liao and Patrick Simard show rare intensity and subdue the brilliant electronic sounds and enhance the unique sound and the melodic Shpak trumpet. Jazz is pushed to the limits of its communicative potential and lives in the complex dynamism of the arrangements.

The cover is designed by the artist Leigh McCloskey and provides imaginative feedback to the six tracks. The contribution of a string section and harmonica by Roni Eytan gives an air of wonder to the whole album.

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