by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Collage CoverCHRIS KLAXTON/Collage:  Another dose of metaphysical jazz, approached from another angle, is what’s on tap in this rising trumpeters second outing.  With equal doses of modern and post bop coming together under Miles’ early 70s smiles, this dose of head jazz will probably take you back to the day–and even faster if you take this head trip with head phones on.  Most certainly a wild ride from a cat that understands how to free his mind without letting the wheels come off.

ZANE  RODULFO/Pathways:  There’s something very interesting going on in this mash up.  Rodulfo is a pan drummer that’s playing jazz with pan as part of his drum set up.  The result is something that sounds like sinister jazz.  Jazz you’d hear wandering around aimlessly in Fern Gully with the sun going down?  Certainly a wild sonic ride, Rodulfo and his pals serve up something new and different sure to be appreciated by those looking beyond another dose of samey samey.  A wonderful new vision to be sure.

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