The Josh Shpak Band’s debut EP, ASTATIC, released on Interrobang Records, is a collection of originals and arrangements by Shpak, featuring guests ranging from a string quartet to harmonica virtuoso, Roni Eytan. ASTATIC was produced by Josh Shpak & Michael Miller, and mixed & mastered by multi-Grammy winning engineer, Dave Darlington. The cover features art by Leigh J. McCloskey, whose work has graced Flying Lotus' "Cosmogramma" CD cover, and was featured on-stage throughout the Rolling Stones "Bigger Bang Tour".

Josh has collected an ensemble of some of the brightest young talents in music today, creating an ensemble steeped in the history of jazz, that – following in the footsteps of pioneers like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and Pat Metheny – creates a sonic palette more accessible to young listeners. “I have often found that the main reason people of my generation steer away from jazz is not that the music is too complex, too angular, too tense…it’s because the very sounds that the musicians are using sound old or outdated to them,” says Shpak. “I’d like to bring my music to these people in a way that makes their own favorite artists be as relevant a part of our culture’s musical history as John Coltrane”. That’s a high statement for someone so young, but as a protégé of jazz trumpet/flugelhorn legend, Clark Terry, this statement comes from a place of deep respect for the past. “Every great musician in history has been completely present in his or her own time period, while using their knowledge of the tradition to drive their creative forces”.


The Josh Shpak Band has in its mission a firm commitment to collaboration, and has performed with special guests, sax giant George Garzone, guitar-innovator Nir Felder, Grammy-nominated pianist/arranger/educator Shelly Berg and trumpeter/EVI master John Daversa among others.

If one is driven to the edge of sound and requested to hear the future of jazz, whoever is spinning the tunes might consider the Josh Shpak Band to open the show with music from Astatic . Led by trumpet prodigy Josh Shpak, who was personally mentored by the legendary Clark Terry, this outfit is propelled by the vitality of youth and exuberance with a wisdom well beyond their collective years. Read full review here.

The string section is used effectively and the soloists are first rate. Read here. 

The future is in their gestures and intentions of who knows how to listen. It fills the lungs, stimulates the audacity compositional and driving dynamics creative along an unknown path to many but that leads to a destination of sublime pleasure. Check out the translated review here.

It's one of those full circle things. Clark Terry snuck young Miles Davis into clubs in St. Louis. Shpak was a protégé of Terry and he's playing like the untamed Davis of the 70s and beyond. A young blood with a vision, he could easily be the standard bearer that takes the progressive jazz cats of modern times into the future opening young ears like his own along the way. An accomplished date by a young award winner, you can expect this trumpeter to make his mark on jazz in short order. Solid stuff.

This is a classy album, from the surrealist cover art by Leigh J. McCloskey to the LP-looking disc, complete with ridged, vinyl grooves. Taken together – surrealism united with history – they reflect Shpak’s intention to respect his elders while moving in his own youthful direction. Full review here. 

Ringer of the week! He delivers a fascinatingly original, cohesive and explorative-yet-accessible mix of sounds and songs that is both adventurous, sophisticated and completely accessible. Full review here.