Release Date: October 20, 2018
Label: Fresh Sound Records

Featuring Eden’s brother Or Baraket on bass and Chile-native Felix Lecaros on drums, Night serves as a meditation on the contrasting inner worlds of both dark depths and bright peaks. On this nine-track collection, this minimalist group pushes the sound of the baritone sax to the forefront. With the help of his talented colleagues, the Israeli native explores, discovers and expands the possibilities of the baritone saxophone as both a percussive and melodic instrument, playing bass lines on one hand and melodies in the higher altissimo range on the other. Born in Buenos Aires, raised in Israel and now a resident of New York, Bareket combines a vast collection of dynamic influences from his diverse background on this exciting new release.

Recorded at the end of 2017 at Bacque Recording Studios, New Jersey, Night is comprised of eight original tunes and a re-arranged Matti Caspi track, entitled “Lost Melody”. “Baccatum” - the second track of the album - draws its inspiration from the landscape, food, culture and of course music of Peru. Bareket simply modified the rhythm of a dance known as “Festejo” to 5/4 time and added the melody on top. Another stand-out track from the album is “Night Creatures”. Appropriately titled, Bareket mirrored the dynamics of this composition to the image of nocturnal  animals creeping out of their nooks during night fall, particularly in a forest or desert. In a  trickle that gradually intensifies, “Night Creatures” was written  as a canon - just as the bass introduces the track and is followed by the sax leading the melody, the track begins to close with the melody  progressively fading out - suggesting the break of dawn. Reflecting upon an argument with his girlfriend, “You’re Wrong” - ironically an audience favorite, Bareket explains - captures  the one-dimensional mind set one can find themselves in, in the midst of a dispute.

Incorporating Bareket’s wide-spanning cultural background, Night is an exciting new release which chronicles an array of the saxophonist’s musical and personal experiences. With the support of this trio, Bareket utilizes this album to push the boundaries of his instrument and expand upon his compositional talents.


Born in  Argentina  and raised  in Israel, Eden Bareket began to play  the alto sax at age nine and by age fifteen, decided to focus on becoming  a baritone saxophonist. Under both the “America-Israel Cultural Fund” and  the “Ran Baron Memorial” scholarships, Bareket studied at the Israeli Conservatory  for Music in Tel Aviv, with such Israeli jazz masters as Erez Bar-Noy, Yuval Cohen,  Amit Golan, Avishai Cohen and more. He has had the privilege of performing regularly with  leading Israeli jazz artists such as Amit Golan, Mamelo Gaitanopolous and more. Some of his  notable early performances include, the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival with both Odean Pope, and his own group, the  Eden Bareket Quintet and appearances at the Red Sea Jazz Festival with Israeli jazz great Mamelo Gaitanopolous,  the Amit Golan Quintet, and the Israeli big-band.

While participating  in the Jazz & Creative  Music workshop at the Banff  Center in Canada, Eden studied  and played with an array of accomplished jazz musicians including Dave  Douglas, Joshua Redman, Don Byron and many more. As part of a Weill  Institute Young Artists Workshop directed by Dave Douglas, Eden was selected to  perform his own original composition at Carnegie Hall, NYC in 2010. Since moving to New York in 2013, Eden quickly gained notice as an in-demand sideman. The saxophonist has performed  at various venues including The Kennedy Center, Jazz at Lincoln Center and Smalls Jazz Club. He has lent his skills as a producer, composer and arranger to projects including the  NDR Big Band, Anat Cohen tentet, The Side Project, Anbessa Orchestra, Kami Maltz, Ari Hoenig Nonet, and the Eyal Vilner Big Band among many others. As a leader, Bareket has woven these disparate musical strands together in his own trio project. His first album “Choice” was released in 2016 on Freshsound records and was followed by numerous concerts in Europe, South America and Israel.


"Favourite track? Canadian Sea Monster or the brisk authority of You’re Wrong or Escaping the Moment." Read the full review here.

"This is Bareket’s second album as a leader and it is sizzling. They play an exotic, funky set that is heavily syncopated. Each of the musicians gets their groove on, a testament to the unselfish approach and unity of the trio."

"Bareket’s technique on the baritone captures a virtual catalogue of the instrument’s sonic capabilities, from guttural outbursts in the lower register to upper-range squeals and everything in between."  Read the full review here.

"With a vibe that can turn any day part in to after hours, these cats have what it takes to blow up a storm with nary a cloud in sight." Read the full review here.

"The sound is familiar and yet unique. It is also melodic but sometimes edgy." Read the full feature here.

"...From the point of view of technical skill, musical thinking and leadership qualities, everything for conquering the highest peaks, Eden is there." Read the full Russian review here.

"Utilizing the sound of his keys as a percussive element, playing bass lines with his left hand and melodies with his right, Bareket continually draws us into his dusky explorations of his music and his instrument." Read the full review here.

"On the mystifying, circuitous, complex, satisfying and wholly entertaining Night (Fresh Sounds Records), Brazilian/Israeli New Yorker Eden Bareket plays a dazzling baritone saxophone and a sinewy clarinet." Read the full review here.

"In command of the baritone sax from its lowest register to the altissimo range, Bareket’s new album Night also demonstrates his scope as a composer." Read the full review here.

"Baritone saxist Eden Bareket creates a rich post bop trio with Or Bareket/b and Felix Lecaros/dr..." Read the full review here.

"The baritone saxophone would seem to be less a wieldy horn than the soprano, alto, and tenor, but on Night the Buenos Aires-born, Israel-raised, and New York-residing Eden Bareket plays with a remarkable degree of agility." Read the full review here.

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